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2017 BIFF Forum

Date: Oct 13th (Fri) ~ Oct 18th (Wed), 2017.     / Venue : Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation, Conference Hall (4th floor)
  • October 13th (Fri)
  • October 16th (Mon)
  • October 17th (Tue)
  • October 18th (Wed)

October 13th (Fri)

Korea-China Film Scenario Forum
  • The Korea-China Film Scenario Forum presented at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) this year will build a common platform for the continuous development and mutual exchange between the Korean and Chinese film industry, focusing on the scenarios that are the basis of their films. We would talk about film scenarios between Korean and Chinese filmmakers, including writers, directors and producers, for making practical and tangible achievements, such as the production of common scenarios between two countries.

  • Time  :  10:00~13:00
    Host  :  Korea China Culture Center, Busan International Film Festival Panel  :  Tian Bo (Writer), Gong Ge(Writer), Shan Dong-bing(producer), Choi Jong-hyun (Writer), Yun Chang-Eop (producer), Do Sung-hee(Director of Korea-China Visual Institute)

Film Policy of Gender-Equality #2

How to Accomplish Gender Equality in Film Industry?
  • The proportion of films created by Korean female directors and featuring female leading characters has never been over 10% of the entire film industry. What is the problem?The policy forum for gender equality policy started in June at the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul(SIWFF). We will continue on the forum and broaden the discussion. We will examine Korean films in gender equality frames such as gender - sensitive cultural policies, cases of gender equality films in foreign countries, criticism of contemporary Korean films, and explore alternatives.

  • Time  :  14:00~19:00
    Co-hosted by  :  Seoul International Women's Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival
  • Greeting

    Kim Sun-ah (Executive Director, SIWFF)

  • Session 1. Presentation

    1. Film Policies on Gender Equality in Foreign Countries and a Proposal for Diversity in the Film Industry
    Cho Hye-Young (Programmer, SIWFF)

    2. Female film makers surveyed through film education institutions
    Kim Sun-ah (Professor, Dankook University)

    3. Korean Cinematic Persecution: Effects of Gender Inequality Film Production Rate on Movie Content
    Bae Ju-yeon (Lecturer, Film, TV & Multimedia)

  • Session 2 Talk

    Moderator : Kim Sun-ah (Executive Director, Seoul International Women's Film Festival) Panels: Sim Jae-myung(CEO, Myung Film), Ahn Bo-young(Producer), Cho Hye-Young (Programmer, SIWFF)

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