[BIFF Press Release] The 29th Busan International Film Festival Opens Submissions

  • 2024. 03. 13  10:38
Press Release | 2024.03.13

The 29th Busan International Film Festival Opens Submissions! 

The 29th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which will be held for 10 days from Oct 2 (Wed) to Oct 11 (Fri), is now accepting submissions for this year셲 official selections.

Opening Submissions for the Highly Anticipated BIFF 2024 Official Selections

Online Submission Deadline

  • Short Films: June 19 (Wed), 18:00 (KST)
  • Feature Films: July 17 (Wed), 18:00 (KST)

The 29th Busan International Film Festival is earnestly starting preparations for this year셲 event as it opens submissions for the official selections.


To meet the eligibility requirement, the submissions must be fiction films, documentaries, and animations that were produced after October of 2023 and to be completed before September 2024. The submission will be categorized into two sections: Short Film for films shorter than 60 minutes and Feature Film for films longer than 60 minutes. Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition and Wide Angle - Asian Short Film Competition will only accept films of running time shorter than 30 minutes. Furthermore, short documentaries from Asia and non-Asian regions, short fiction films from non-Asian regions, and past BIFF submissions are not eligible for submission.


Submissions for this year셲 official selections are only available through the festival셲 official website ( The submission deadline for short films is June 19 (Wed), 18:00 (KST), and for feature films, July 17 (Wed), 18:00 (KST). The official website's Submission Guide ( provides more information on eligibility, the submission process, the deadline, etc.


Last year, BIFF was able to host a more successful event than ever before with more than 140,000 participants by focusing on the festival's core values to gather together and enjoy films. The festival was met with an enthusiastic response from the audience, with the attendance of world-renowned domestic and international film professionals, a Special Program in Focus that brought together Korean-American directors and actors active in Hollywood, and various events and attractions.


Busan International Film Festival, which is setting out for a new beginning with a newly instated executive committee, continues to be dedicated to introducing promising directors and projects in Asia and fulfilling its role of connecting the audience and films. This year셲 official selections will be available for screening at the 29th Busan International Film Festival, which will be held for 10 days from Oct 2 (Wed) to Oct 11 (Fri) in the vicinity of Busan Cinema Center.

The 29th Busan International Film Festival: Oct 2 (Wed) Oct 11 (Fri)

The 19th Asian Contents & Film Market: Oct 5 (Sat) Oct 8 (Tues)

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