Program Sections

Gala Presentation

Influential filmmakers and actors present their films in Busan to celebrate their artistic achievements.


A showcase of the latest films of contemporary iconic filmmakers from around the world.


A competition section for established Asian filmmakers with three or more feature films. The two best films are presented with the KIM Jiseok Award. The award was created in commemoration of the late Kim Jiseok, program director who devoted his life to nurture and support Asian cinema.

A Window on Asian Cinema

A peek into the various styles and visions within Asian Cinema, highlighting the latest films from well-established directors as well as the upcoming rookies of the industry. The audience can grasp the zeitgeist of Asian films of the year.

New Currents

A competition among up-and-coming Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that bestows two films with a New Currents Award. All films must be presented as World or International Premiere.

Korean Cinema Today - Special Premiere

This section premieres the latest and representative selections of contemporary Korean mainstream commercial films with special public attractions and status.

Korean Cinema Today - Panorama

An introduction to the year's most significant and popular Korean films, from commercial blockbusters to art house favorites.

Korean Cinema Today - Vision

A carefully selected lineup of Korean independent feature films of the year and a glimpse into the future of Korean cinema.

Korean Cinema Retrospective

A look back into the past that sheds light onto the history of cinema by spotlighting a Korean filmmaker who has made a significant contribution to the medium or one with a specific thematic oeuvre.

World Cinema

A showcase of the year's non-Asian narrative features including the latest works from well-known filmmakers and international film festival awardees.

Flash Forward

A competition among non-Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that take an innovative and original approach to cinema. The winner is decided by the audience and awarded the Flash Forward Award.

Wide Angle

A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.

Open Cinema

A collection of new and internationally acclaimed films that offer an ideal mix of the popular with the artistic are screened at the hallmark outdoor theater.

Midnight Passion

A collection of horror, SF, and thriller films that are certain to keep diehard film fans awake throughout the night.

On Screen

Presentation of highly anticipated or most talked about drama series of the year.

Special Program in Focus

A special showcase of films by notable filmmakers or those working within a specific topic.

※ The programs may be subject to change.