Official Selection

Submission Guidelines 2024

Short Films Feature Films
LENGTHS Less than 60 minutes
※ Only not more than 30 min. in the short film competition
60 minutes or more
DEADLINES 19 June (WED) 2024, 18:00 KST 17 July (WED) 2024, 18:00 KST
ELIGIBILITY The film must have been completed no earlier than October 2023 and should be completed no later than September 2024.

Short Documentaries (both Asian and Non-Asian) and Non-Asian short fiction films are not open to submission.
Films previously submitted to the Festival but not selected will not be reconsidered.

ENTRY FEE There is no entry fee for submission to the Festival.
SUBMISSION PROCEDURE ※ Please make sure to read our Rules & Regulations and FAQ before you begin the submission process.
    1. Complete and submit Online Submission Form
  • If you provide false or misleading information, the film selection may be subject to cancellation at any time.
    2. Submit screener
  • Festival accepts a screener via an online upload.
  • The submission site is optimized for uploading files in Chrome. If you use other browsers, the video may not be uploaded properly.
    [ Uploading a screener ]
  • Once you submit this form, we will send you another email for you to upload your screener.
  • The screener should be uploaded by 18:00(KST) on the deadline date. The screener may not exceed 5GB.
  • Please check the Technical Specifications Guideline before uploading the screener.
  • We will consider the submission complete only when the required film information and the screener are registered by 18:00 (KST) on the deadline date.
    3. Please note that
  • Films in any language other than Korean or English, the subtitles must be integrated (burned in) into the image.
  • The screener files will be professionally destroyed after the conclusion of each edition of the Festival.
  • Further detailed information on the submission can be found in the Rules & Regulations and FAQ.
THEATRICAL FORMAT Should the film be selected, it must be available in either DCP(D-Cinema), 35mm, or (Digi)Beta. No other formats including DVD and Blu-ray are compatible. DCP is the most preferred, and the rest of the available formats may be restricted to certain screening venues and time-slots due to different facilities in venues.
PRIORITY The Festival program gives priority to World or International premieres.

World premieres are films screened for the first time to any audience, including country of origin.

International premieres are films screened for the first time to an audience outside country of origin.

SELECTION RESULTS The Festival will notify the selection results to the filmmakers by the end of August. The Festival reserves the right to decide the section in which the selected film will participate. The Festival does not provide individual explanation on the non-selection of a film. (For information on program sections, please click here.)