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A Bloody Lucky Day

On Screen

Family/Child · Remake/Adaptation · Crime/Violence · Psychology/Mystery/Suspence/Thriller · Horror/Gore  

  • CountryKorea
  • Production Year2023
  • Running Time128min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Simple-minded Oh-taek (Lee Sung-min) drives a taxi, dreaming of reuniting with his family after losing his fortune due to his own mistakes. On a lucky day when he gets a lot of customers after dreaming of pigs, he drives Hyuk-soo (You Yeon-seok), the last customer of the day. Hyuk-soo offers him one million won for a long-distance night drive, and Oh-taek, in need of money, agrees. They head to Mookpo together. Meanwhile, Soon-gyu (Lee Jung-eun), who is looking for her son’s killer, becomes suspicious of Hyuk-soo, whom she bumps into at the hospital. Bored during the long drive, Hyuk-soo begins to tell his story, and Oh-taek realizes that Hyuk-soo is a serial killer. A Bloody Lucky Day is a drama series based on the webtoon of the same name by Aporia. The unique situation of an unstoppable night taxi amidst the obsession and madness of a serial killer adds to the tension, while the actors’ impeccable performances complete this dense suspense drama. (SONG Kyung-won)
PIL Gam-sung
Pil Gam-sung studied film and TV directing both in Korea and Australia, and participated in several productions as an assistant director and editor. He began his career with a short film <I>ROOM 211</I> (2003) and continued with shorts projects including You Promised Me (2011), Gambler (2019), and a feature film, Hostage: Missing Celebrity (2021). A Bloody Lucky Day is an original Tving series based on the webtoon of the same title.
  • Director PIL Gam-sung 필감성
  • Producer Jey-hyun KIM 김제현, Hwan-min OH 오환민, Kyung-tae KIM 김경태, Michelle KWON 권미경
  • Cast Sung-min LEE 이성민, Yeon-seok YOO 유연석, Jung-eun LEE 이정은
  • Screenplay Min-sung KIM 김민성,Han-na SONG 송한나
  • Cinematography Zi-hoon LEE 이지훈
  • Production Company Studio Dragon Corporation
    Korea 75, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

    The Great Show Co., Ltd.