• Period: Oct 6 (Thu) ~ 15 (Sat)
  • 299 films from 69 countries
  • Screening Venue: 34 screens at 5 theaters (Market and unofficial screenings excluded)
    • LOTTE CINEMA Centum City·CGV Centum City·Busan Cinema Center·Sohyang Theater Centum City·MEGABOX Haeundae
  • Total Attendance: 165,149
  • World & International Premieres : 94 World Premieres / 30 International Premieres

Asian Film Market

  • Market Badge: 1,583 participants and 658 companies from 45 countries
  • Sales Booths: 65 sales booths from 163 companies of 23 countries
  • Market Screening: 73 screenings of 68 films from 14 countries and 41 companies (43 Market Premieres)

Asian Film Academy

  • Short Film Production / Screening
    • Street Stall (HD/20min/Color)
    • Pencil, Money, Whatever, Microphone (HD/15min/Color)
  • Workshop, Mentoring, and Special Lecture

Asian Cinema Fund

  • Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) 2016 – Funding Summary
    • Script Development Fund: 5 projects
    • Post-Production Fund: 6 projects
    • Documentary AND Fund: 12 projects
  • ACF Supported Films Screened at the 21st Busan International Film Festival: 6 Feature films and 5 Documentaries


Confirming solidity among global cineastes

Many cineastes across the globe have supported the persistent struggle to secure the independence of the Busan International Film Festival. Their physical presence at the Festival has further strengthened the support and solidity for BIFF. This demonstrated that freedom of speech and the independence of the Festival are the foundation for the Festival, and a value that cannot be compromised on.

Steady, yet more to go

The Festival did not manage to induce absolute support from the Korean film industry; however, it definitely has given its very best to hold a competent and meaningful Festival despite barriers and time constraints. It is worth noting that this year’s Festival is the first festival that was held under the system of a private chairmanship. Content-wise, this system helped us focus on new films and directors, allowing us to look back at the discovery and introduction of Asian directors, which are an important identity and core value of the Festival.

Reconfirming the audience’s love and significance

The typhoon and earthquake, as well as hardships that the Festival has faced over the last few years have definitely influenced the atmosphere, vibrancy, and audience participation rate. However, witnessing that they still attend the Festival, we were able to reconfirm that the audience is the true owner and foundation of BIFF. The Festival will reciprocate back with substantial programs and improvements in service for audiences.

Securing new growth power by strengthening the growth and internal stability of the Asian Film Market and E-IP market.

The Asian Film Market has, once again, proved that it is a durable and stable platform with the extension of sales booths into various fields, a series of completed contracts for E-IP, and high satisfaction by participants. This year’s market was assessed as one that manifested its potential to rise as a future hub for sales businesses and E-IP.