New Currents Award Jury

Itsván SZABó

Director Hungary

Born in Budapest, in 1938, Szabó studied at Hugarian Academy of Drama and Film, Budapest. His first feature film The Age of Daydreaming (1964) won Silver Prix at Locarno Film Festival, and Mephisto (1981) won Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at Academy Awards and Best Screenplay Awards at Cannes. Colonel Redl (1985) won Jury Prize at Cannes and Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe (1992) won Silver Bear-Special Jury Prize at Berlin. His very recent films is Relatives (2006).


Director France

Bruno Dumont was born in Bailleul, France in 1958. He studied Greek and German philosophy in college, and spent his twenties and most of his thirties working two jobs; teaching philosophy and making commercial films for local businesses. His first feature La Vie de Jesus (1996) won a Jean Vigo Award for outstanding first film and second feature L’Humanité (1999) won the Grand Prix at Cannes International Film Festival. Twentynine Palms (2003) is his third feature. His fourth film Flanders (2006) also won the Grand Prix at Cannes.

Abolfazl JALILI

Director Iran

Born in 1957 in Teheran, Abolfazl Jalili started shooting short 8mm films at the age of fifteen. After making three short films, he graduated to working with 16mm. Working as a writer, director and cameraman, Jalili made several short and feature films. His films including Milad (1983), A True Story (1996), Dance of Dust (1998), Daan (1998), Delbaran (2001), Full or Empty (2005), have won awards in various international film festivals.

Daniel YU

Producer Hong Kong, China

YU graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1982, and founded Team Work Motion Pictures Ltd. In 1990. His producer filmography include Saviour of the Soul (1991, Corey Yun, David Lai), Heaven and Earth (1994, Daniel Lai), Bugis Street (1995, Yonfan), Made in Hong Kong (1997, Fruit Chan), The Lognest Summer (1998, Fruit Chan), Resurrection of Little Match Girl (2002, Jang Sun-Woo), and The Princess of Mount Ledang (2004, Teong Hin Saw). As COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Focus Films, he is in charge of ‘Focus First Cuts’, a project to discover and support new Asian directors.

MOON So-ri

Actress Korea

Born in 1974. Moon So-ri studied educational studies at SungKyunKwan University, where she started her career as actress in theater. Her film debut is Peppermint Candy (1999, Lee Chang-dong). MOON won Best Young Actress for acting in Oasis (2002, Lee Chang-dong) at Venice Film Festival. Her filmography includes A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003, Im Sang-soo), The President’s Barber (2004, Lim Chan-sang), Bravo My Life (2005, Park Heung-Sik), SA-KWA (2005, Kang Yikwan), Bewitching Attraction (2006, Lee Ha) and Family Ties (2006, Kim Tae-yong).

Sonje & Woonpa Award Jury

KIM Tae-il

Documentary Director Korea

Born in 1963. Kim Tae-il entered the world of documentary filmmaking with Song of Wonjin Factory (1993). His other works include A Mother (1995), Making the Spy (1998), The story of Korean Informal Women Workers (2003), Walking For Life (2004), and Annyong, Sayonara (2005) which were invited to Wide Angle in PIFF. Annyong, Sayonara won Woonpa Fund at the 10th PIFF.

WON Seung-hwan

Managing Director of Association of Korea Independent Film&Video Korea

With the foundation of Cinematheque aMeNic in Daegu, Won Seung-hwan was involved in the independent film. From 2000 to 2003, he worked as programmer for the independent film festival, Indieforum and in 2000, he has been a managing director of The Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, board member of Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association, and executive committee member of Seoul Independent Film Festival and Indie-AniFest. Furthermore, he is one of main editors for Quarterly Korean Independent Cinema.

KIM Nansook

General Executive Director of Dongsoong Art Center Korea

After working for KBS News Bureau in 1991 as a writer for news documentaries, KIM Nansook actively worked as a writer for several TV stations. From 1994, she was in charge of film investment and acquisition at Daewoo Corporation’s Audiovisual Business Department. Since 1997, she started to work at Dongsoong Art Center, where she orchestrated the distribution and theatrical release of documentary films such as Mudang: Reconciliaton Between the Living and the Dead and Repatriation as well as showcasing diverse screening programs of documentary films.

NETPAC Award Jury


Film Critic India


Film Critic Sri Lanka

KIM Sun Yub

Film Critic Korea



Film Critic USA


Film Critic Armenia


Film Critic Germany

KIM Seemoo

Film Critic Korea