Official Poster

The poster for the 9th Pusan International Film Festival, which is a piece from the "Original Shape Series" that artist LEE Jong Sang has been working on for 20 years, is entitled "Cheonji (the sky and the earth)," which represents the Heaven Lake (Cheonji) of the Paekdu Mountain, a spiritual mountain of the Korean people. Lee's work, which is full of bold energy, is constituted of abstract and simple lines and strokes rather than specific shapes, eliciting a rich interpretation by the viewer. The 9th poster, which represents the Heaven Lake of the Paektu Mountain with a desire for unification, encapsulates the strong will of the Pusan International Film Festival to contribute to the advancement of Korean and Asian cinema into the world and to resemeble the unchanging and persistent character of the Paektu Mountain.

Artist Profile: Ilrang LEE Jong Sang (一浪 李鍾祥)

  • 1938: Born in Yesan, Chungcheongnam-do
  • 1963: Graduated with a degree in Painting at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University (PhD)
  • 1962: Received the 1st New Artist Awards, the highest award from the National Council for Reconstruction
  • 1962: Received the Special Cabinet Award at the 11th Korean Art Exhibition
  • 1963: Received the Ministry of Culture Award at the 12th Korean Art Exhibition
  • 2003: Korean Order of Cultural Merit, signed by the President of Korea; invited to 340 group exhibitions, and invited to 19 solo exhibitions
  • 1995: "Korean Contemporary Painting Special Program" at the Venice Biennale (MUDIMA/VENI ITALY)
  • 1998: "80 Artists Around the World" exhibition commemorating the World Cup in France (GALERIE ENRICO NAVARRA / PARIS, FRANCE)
  • 2001: "The Scent of Ink Painting, the Shape of Ink Painting - Contemporary Ink Paintings of Korea, China, and Japan," National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
  • 2003: Invited to the 1st Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, China
  • 2004: "Exploration of Light and Color," Garam Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
  • Professor Emeritus at the Seoul National University / Judge for the Official Portrait at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Director of the Gwangju Biennale / Director of Wolgan Art Award / Artifacts Curator at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Director of the Ilmin Cultural Foundation / Member of the Dunhuang Academic Committee / President of the Ewha Art Education Center / Director of the Samsung Foundation of Culture / Art Committee Member of the Seoul Architecture Committee / Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Seok Ju Art Award