• Festival Period : September 13 - 21, 1996
  • 169 films from 31 countries
  • Invited guests : 224 guests from 27 countries
  • Total audiences : 184,071


  • New Currents Award
    • by ZHANG Ming, China
  • Woonpa Award
    • by JEON Soo-il, Korea
  • Sonje Award
    • Andrej Sheleznjakov, Russia
  • NETPAC Award
    • by YIM Soon-rye, Korea
  • Korean Cinema Award
    • Adriano APRA (Festival Director at Pesaro IFF/Italy)
    • Tony RAYNS (Film Critic/UK)
    • Alain Jalladeau
      (Festival Director at Festival de 3 Continents-Nantes/France)
    • Ulrich Gregor (Director at International Forum, Berlinale/Germany)
    • Larry Kadish (Programmer at MoMA/USA)
    • Ancha Flubacher-Rhim (Deputy Festival Director of Jeonju International Film Festival/Switzerland)
    • Simon Field
      (Festival Director, International Film Festival at Rotterdam/UK)

The very first international film festival to be held in Korea, PIFF created a film culture with active participation by its audiences, in addition to staging a forum in introducing Korean cinema to the global film society.
It was an immense success thanks to ardor interests from both domestic and overseas film professionals along with energetic general audiences.