• Summary
    • Period : October 6th - 14th , 2011
    • 307 films from 70 countries
    • Screening Venue : 36 screens at 5 theaters (Total 235,907 Seats)
      Centum City : Busan Cinema Center, CGV Centum City, LOTTE Cinema Centum City, Community Media Center Haeundae: MEGABOX Haeundae
  • Total Attendance : 196,177 (83%)
  • World & International Premieres
    • 86 World Premieres / 45 International Premieres
  • Asian Film Market(AFM)
    • Sales Booth : 109 sales booths from 177 companies of 28 countries (incl.BIFCOM)
    • Total Market Screenings : 64 Screenings of 60 films from 11 countries for 3 days (Market Premier 33 films, Two 3D films)
    • Online Screening : 258 films registered
  • Asian Film Academy (AFA)
    • Participants : 24 persons from 17 countries
    • Faculty Members
      Dean : Krzysztof ZANUSSI / Assistant Dean: OH Seok-geun
      Instructor of Film Directing : Murali NAIR
      Instructor of Cinematography : Johnny E. JENSEN
  • Asian Cinema Fund (ACF)
    • Launched the World Documentary Exchange (WDE) in Busan
    • Expanded the documentary support through new funds; DMZ Fund, Busan Film Commission Fund
  • Accredited Guests and Press : Festival Participants : 11,268
    • Domestic : 4,482
    • International : 765
    • Cinephile : 1,999
    • Market : 1,080
    • Busan Cinema Forum : 502
    • Accredited Press : 2,440
    * Market and Forum participants include only the numbers accredited with the Badge
  • Official Programs
    • 4 Master Classes
    • 4 Hand Printings
    • 5 Open Talks
    • 11 Outdoor Greeting Event
    • 13 Meet the Guest: Talk to Talks
    • 6 Seminars (BIFF Academy)
    • 2 Cinema Talk Beyond Cinema
    • 13 teams of Cinema Together
    • 290 Guest Visits (Q&A and Presentation before the screening)
    • 13 Press Conferences
    • 165 Individual Interviews
  • Awards
    • New Currents Award
      Winner : Mourning - Morteza FARSHBAF (Iran)
      Winner : Niño - Loy ARCENAS (Philippines)
    • Flash Forward Award
      Winner : LA-BAS-A Criminal Education - Guido LOMBARDI (Italy)
    • Sonje Award (Short Films)
      Winner (Asia): Thug Beram - Venkat AMUDHAN (India)
      Special Mention : DIY Encouragement - Kohei YOSHINO (Japan)
      Winner (Korea): See You Tomorrow - LEE Woo-jung (Korea)
      Special Mention : Bugging Heaven; Listen to Her - O Hyun-ju (Korea)
    • BIFF Mecenat Award (Documentaries)
      Winner : Sea of Butterfly - PARK Bae-il (Korea)
      Winner : Shoji & Takao - Yoko IDE (Japan)
    • KNN Movie Award (Audience Award)
      Winner : Watch Indian Circus - Mangesh HADAWALE (India)
    • FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Award
      Winner : Mourning - Morteza FARSHBAF (Iran)
    • NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award
      Winner : The King of Pigs - YEUN Sang Ho (Korea)
    • Busan Cinephile Award
      Winner : The Twin - Gustav DANIELSSON (Sweden)
    • Citizen Reviewers' Award
      Winner : The Twin - Gustav DANIELSSON (Sweden)
    • DGK Award
      Directors Award : The King of Pigs - YEUN Sang Ho (Korea)
      Actor : Beautiful Miss Jin- HA Hyun Kwan (Korea)
      Actress : Jesus Hospital- HAN Song Hee, WHANG Jungmin (Korea)
    • CGV Movie Collage Award
      Winner: The King of Pigs - YEUN Sang Ho (Korea)
    • The Asian Filmmaker of the Year
      Tsui HARK (Director, Producer / Hong Kong)
    • Korean Cinema Award
      Julietta SICHEL (Former program director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival / Czech Republic)
  • Accomplishment
    • 1. Successful Opening of Busan Cinema Center
      Busan Cinema Center consists of four screening theaters and one outdoor theater. It received positive reviews from cineastes and audiences from all over the world for its exceptional design and ultra-modern facilities.
    • 2. The New Beginning for Asia Film Market
      This year, Asia Film Market opened at BEXCO with BIFCOM. Compared to previous years, there was an explosive growth in the market. Not only has the numbers of registered participants and sales booths exceeded, but also has those of the APM and BIFCOM meetings. Furthermore, KPIF, New Story Creation Project Pitching, Korea Contents Fund Showcase, and Film Fund Talk were fully packed. 'Talent Meeting in Busan' also successfully launched this year. Hence, Asia Film Market built a new foundation to further advancement of its system.
    • 3. Favorable Reviews of Discovery and Support Programs
      Films that were supported by Asia Cinema Fund and Asia Project Market, and new films discovered in New Currents and Flash Forward sections received positive reviews from both domestic and foreign press, and festival participants. Once again, the Busan International Film Festival proved its name as a prestigious international film festival in supporting and discovering new films.
    • 4. Stable Beginning of Busan Cinema Forum
      Busan Cinema Forum was launched to stimulate both communication and criticism of cinema. Furthermore, it proved its ability of achieving the core of academia and criticism. Henceforth, it will become major event which will distinguish Busan International Film Festival from other film festivals.
    • 5. Preparation of Film Cultural Heritage Preservation and Documentary Network Construction
      'Restoration Project Commission of Asian Classical Cinema' made a new start during the festival. Also, WDE (World Documentary Exchange) - documentary network among festivals and organizations in Europe, America, and Asia continents - was created to pioneer path to advance abroad and it has enhanced archive and formed documentary network.