• Period: Oct 1 (Thu) – Oct 10 (Sat), 2015
  • 302 films from 75 countries
  • Screening Venue: 35 screens at 6 theaters (Market and unofficial screenings excluded)
    • Busan Cinema Center·LOTTE CINEMA Centum City·CGV Centum City·MEGABOX Haeundae·Sohyang Theater Centum City·MEGABOX Busan Theater
  • Total Attendance: 227,377
  • World & International Premieres : World Premieres: 94 / International Premieres: 31

Asian Film Market

  • Market Badge: 1,571 participants and 839 companies from 50 countries
  • Sales Booths: 89 sales booths from 208 companies of 22 countries
  • Total Market Screenings: 84 screenings of 74 films from 16 countries and 44 companies (60 Market Premieres)

Asian Film Academy

  • Period: Sep 24 (Thu) – Oct 11 (Sun), 2015 (18 days)

Asian Cinema Fund

  • Screening at the 20th Busan International Film Festival
    • 7 Feature Films (4 from Asia, 3 from Korea)
    • 6 Documentaries (5 from Asia, 1 from Korea)

BIFF Conference & Forum

  • Period: Oct 7 (Wed) – Oct 9 (Fri), 2015

BIFF Conference & Forum

  • Period: Oct 7 (Wed) – Oct 9 (Fri), 2015


Balanced and Meaningful 20th Celebration

Focused on the core identity of the Busan International Film Festival with substantial programs and events that introduced the direction and future vision of the Festival

Highest Number of Audiences

This year marked the highest number of audiences with 227,377 compared to last year’s 226, 473. Despite much trouble in the beginning of the year, Busan International Film Festival was able to operate soundly with support and love from the audiences.

Reestablishing the Value of Asian Cinema

Programs like ‘Asian Cinema 100’ and ‘Korean Cinema Retrospective-Hidden Masterpieces of the 1960s’ reestablished the reputation of Busan International Film Festival as the ‘Hub of Asian Cinema’ by highlighting the value of Asian cinema internationally

Communicating with the Audience, Revitalizing the Field of Discourse

With the highest number of GVs, outdoor greetings, and various conference and forums, the Festival expanded the field of discourse for communications with the audiences.

Asian Film Market, Discovery of New Growth

The successful launch of the Entertainment Intellectual Property (E-IP) Market showed room for new development, while Works-In-Progress and Asian Casting Market were also noteworthy.